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We are confident to say that the Oxnard Fence Company is the best fencing contractor in the Oxnard area. We only make this claim because we are truly dedicated to our customers. Our customers make us who we are. We treat our

customers like family and wouldn’t have it any other way! We promise to focus on your project so that you know that you are the priority.

When we started Oxnard Fence Company, we based it on three core principles. These three principles include superior customer service, quality workmanship, and affordable pricing. It’s these three principles which make us the best fencing company in the area. Call us today at: 805-758-6775 and we will set you up for a FREE quote on your fence job.

Customer Service

Customer service is the cornerstone of our business. We understand that great quality and affordable prices are never strong enough to overcome poor customer service.  When you choose Oxnard Fence Company, you choose a company of integrity where we are dedicated to customer satisfaction with all of our fencing projects.  Let us show you how our superior customer service makes us the best fence contractor in Oxnard and all of Ventura County!

Excellent Craftsmanship

Who wants to buy a “decent” fence?  Nobody!  That’s why we are also committed to providing excellent craftsmanship to our customers.  We continually train our fencing crews to hone their construction skills. We offer a number of fencing services that are sure to cover your needs. Many of our crews have experience in other construction niches.  Call us today to see how our products are crafted with excellence!

Affordable Pricing

We also realize that it doesn’t matter how great your fence is, and it doesn’t matter how great our customer service is, if you can’t afford to buy the fence!  This is just another part of what sets us apart from our competitors. We are committed work with you to keep your project within your budget.  When we as you what your budget for your fence project is, it is so we can help you know the boundaries within which we can fulfill your needs. Call us today for a FREE Quote on your fence project. We will present you with a detailed estimate. 

When you are ready for superior fencing services in Oxnard, California or anywhere in Ventura County, contact us for free quotes. At the Oxnard Fence Company, we provide the most high quality, durable, and affordable fencing services.

You don’t just have to take our word for it! Here are some of the things our previous customers have said about our work:

"The Oxnard Fence Company installed a new privacy fence in our backyard so we can enjoy our pool without the neighborhood watching. We are glad we hired them. They were great to work with.”
Sophia Henderson
Oxnard, CA
“We needed some repairs to our fence so the dogs wouldn’t escape. Oxnard Fence Company was great. They finished it all in one day and now I can let my dogs run around unsupervised.”
Daniella Manillo
Camarillo, CA
“We used the Oxnard Fence Company to install a security fence and electric gate around our business. So far it has worked great and it keeps the riff raff out. I’d use them again on my home fence jobs.” 
Michael Li
Simi Valley, CA